Find your path

I have a great track record for leaving a dramatic amount of time between posts, I’m sure you’ve missed me.

My last post had me feeling lost and confused by a wanderlust heart. I  was broken, stuck in a rut and all I wanted to do was to get away, get away from my life and let travel save me, again…

Can it save you? Yes, It saved me each time.. temporarily. It changes everything, you see things differently and you suddenly find a purpose. You are on top of the world. In some of my experiences, literally on top of the world. However, like they say all good things come to an end. You arrive home and things are the same, all the things you wanted to escape from are there waiting for you. Outlooks are different and you have this hunger for adventure and you’re back in your daily grind, you look at people differently, you feel differently but its all the same. what a headache. So you save up so you can do the same shit again. Join the grind, do your time, collect your pay check, save as much as possible, book a trip.

Its been going on 3 years since my last oversea flee from life. Mainly because I’ve only just finished paying off the spontaneous 3 month trip without pay back in 2014, also because ive really wanted to maintain a life that I don’t need to keep escaping from. I’ve made a hell of a lot of changes to my life to make sure that my next trip is one that I cant wait to go on, and also not dread coming home from.

2017 really is going to be my year. Travel is important and the best thing I believe that I will I ever do. You need to appreciate it and not use it as some form of escape, you need to embrace it, learn from it and live every second of it without a thought in the back of your head of what awaits you at the end.



It’s a funny thing isn’t it that were all dreaming of these fantastic things that we would rather be doing while we’re stuck in our daily grind… 9am-5pm, 10am-10pm (in my case). Go to work, come home, squish in a few things, get ready for the next day and repeat.
We live five days miserably wishing for two sweet well deserved days of freedom to do what we please. 

Whatever your situation there is always something else you’d rather be doing, no matter how much you love your job. Do not lie. 

Them things that make your heart beat that little faster, the moments when your throat develops a lump from talking about something you really give a damn about, That feeling in the bottom of your stomach when you let go of inhibitions and dare to do something out of order or adventurous.
When you go someplace new to eat or you form a new friendship.

These are the moments we should be experiencing daily, not savouring the crummy snippets we might get like tiny fucking mice with a cube of cheese.

I see so many people with heart and soul but they are dead inside. They are purely here in body nothing else.

I am scared, I don’t want to end up like that. A lifeless, soul sucked zombie, living life as we know it… I don’t know what to do though, what path to take to avoid this terrible vision of being 40 years old and in the same position that i am now.

I dunno, can I have some neon signs directing my way so I don’t fuck it up? Anything.

*These thoughts are brought to you by a 12am wanderlust soul.

Scandinavia and Russia plus UK and Ireland

So its been 10 months since my last post, I am happy to report that yes! I have new adventures to tell you about.

In august I set off again on my own with a three-month trip planned ahead of me. I knew what to expect this time so this made my long haul flight even worse! Not to mention the almost 15 hours worth of airport stopover! What was I thinking haha trying to save a few dollars! I made it to the beautiful Berlin.. just as fabulous the second time around. I jumped straight into a tour and we were headed for the amazing Copenhagen, Denmark. This trip I got to visit Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. I absolutely loved them all! It was such an amazing experience.

Then off to London where I spent the next 10 days exploring London on my own, what an amazing place. Off I went again through England, Scotland, north Ireland, Ireland and Wales!





















Check out my blog tiarneeats for some food reviews from my trip!

Ahh New Zealand! What a beautiful country. From North Island to South Island in 19 days. So many adventures and life long friends made along the way. I bungee jumped, zorbed down a hill, parasailed, sailed, black water rafted in glow worm caves, jet boated, hiked, and flew!

Where will I go next?

I can’t sleep tonight… My mind and heart has drifted off to places I long for.

I lay awake here thinking of all the places I wish to go and relive the adventures I have been lucky enough to encounter.
I am so blessed, we are all so blessed. The world we live on is so incredible and it makes no sense to me that one would not be interested in exploring it.

Maybe one day I will find a partner in crime to share my passion for life and traveling- until then it’s just tiarnestravels x

Last year I was lucky enough to go on 2 overseas holidays. This year I have only just scraped in by 4 days! I leave for a month in New Zealand on the 28th December, I cannot wait!
The travel bug has bitten me a long time ago, before I had even left the country, i just knew it’s what I had to do.
I would like to mention that I am only 21 years old and I work a casual job in hospitality and save every cent for my holidays, it is something I am very proud of myself for doing. I have to go without a lot and my social life lacks due to saving my money but in the end it is very worth it that’s for sure.

Here is a list of the countries I have visited:
– Australia
– New Caledonia
– Vanuatu
– England
– France
– Spain
– Monaco
– Belgium
– Germany
– Switzerland
– Austria
– Italy
– Croatia
– Greece
– Netherlands
– Czech Republic
– Hungary
– Bosnia
– Serbia
– Montenegro
– Albania
– Singapore
– New Zealand (28/12/13)

This list will keep on growing I’m sure of it 🙂